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Call us today at 860-449-1308 for legal and qualified help with debt consolidation or debt settlement help if you live in Connecticut.

Atty. Dave Falvey will evaluate your current financial situation and inform you whether you qualify for any of the government programs.

First Step: A Free Consultation

Your free consultation is where an assessment will be done and all the details of your particular case will be explained. Atty. Dave Falvey will use the information that you have provide to present you your options. He will also discuss the various strategies available to you.

Second Step: Application & Review

After learning and going through you options, Dave and you will determine the best course of action and what programs best suit your situation. This will turn into a strategy moving forward. After the review of your options an application is filled out and set up for your approval to your program of choice.

Third Step: Confirmation & Acceptance

Atty. Dave Falvey will work on your behalf to negotiate the terms of your program with the Court to ensure that it best suits your budget.