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Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is not only my goal, it’s my promise. As a leading consumer advocate, Dave Falvey is committed to providing honest and effective debt relief solutions that provide real and useful benefits for every client.

Dave Falvey’s promise is to:

  1. work together as partners with each of our customers to help them become debt-free
  2. deliver realistic debt relief solutions that can make financial freedom a reality
  3. listen to our customers, use their valuable feedback to continuously improve our services, and provide opportunities for them to help others by sharing their experiences
  4. consistently provide the best possible customer experience and the highest quality service
  5. communicate detailed information regarding our debt relief plans to make sure our customers know what to expect every step of the way
  6. protect our customers by serving as their advocate and aligning our interests with their success

To prove my commitment of ensuring effective debt relief, Dave Falvey promises a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If any customer is not completely satisfied with the service, support, or benefits they’re receiving, they may cancel their debt relief plan and receive a full refund of service fees already paid. No questions asked.