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Wells Fargo – Sample Letter

Dear Rene:

This letter is to confirm our conversation today regarding repayment of your Wells Fargo Financial Bank credit card account ending in 2536 which as a current balance of $9,064.83. The following outlines the terms of our agreement:

  • Your account will be closed, if it has not been already. You cannot make any additional transactions.
  • You agree to pay $1,815.00 by 6/27/08. After the payment is made, your account will be considered settled.
  • If your account carried Chargeguard insurance protection, you gave us permission to cancel this coverage to avoid additional expenses incurred to your account.
  • All other provisions of your credit card account will continue to remain in full force and effect.
  • You agreed that if payments are not made promptly, then the original terms of the credit card account agreement will apply except that any insurance canceled will remain canceled. You will owe us the balance of your account prior to this agreement minus any payments made.
  • Direct overnight payments to: Wells Fargo Financial Bank, Attention: Remittance Processing. 334 SW 8th St Des Moines, IA 50309
  • Call 605-731-7229 for payment as check by phone.


Andrea E.
Wells Fargo Financial Bank
Collections Department


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