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Become Debt Free in 24 to 60 Months With Non-Bankruptcy

We Provide Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement services, and we help you avoid bankruptcy. Let Us Help You Get Started Clearing Your Loans and Fixing Your Credit Today. Debt Consolidation and Non-Bankruptcy Debt Settlement Services in New London County, Norwich, Hatford, New Haven, Waterford and the rest of Connecticut.

Let Attorney Dave Falvey Explain Your Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Options

Learn about our Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement services and avoid bankruptcy, clear your loans and fix your bad credit today. We provide our services for those in New London County, Norwich, Waterford and the rest of the surrounding counties and towns in Connecticut.

Become Debt Free in 24 to 60 Months Without Filing Bankruptcy Compare All Your Debt Options with Attorney Falvey

How does the Debt Options Calculator Work? Answer: Add all your unsecured debt and enter that total in space provided and press ‘Enter’. Within 5 seconds, all 4 Major Debt Options are accurately analyzed.

Print out your report and then go to the Menu Bar and under Resources, you’ll find the Options Comparison Chart. All the positive and negative aspects for each of the 4 major options is given on the Chart. Attorney Falvey offers all the 4 major options for debt relief and has had over 38 years experience with all the options.

Atty. Dave Falvey is Board Certified by the American Board of Certification. If you want a professional and experienced opinion as to which option is best for you, call and make an appointment.

You will get a free and confidential consultation with Atty. Falvey by simply calling 860-449-0091. The time to act is now. Pick up the phone and make an appointment - you have nothing to lose!


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How Debt Consolidation & Debt Settlement Works

We Help You With Non-Bankruptcy Options in 3 Easy Steps - Let's Get Started!


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Contact Dave Falvey, and list all the details of your circumstances, your hopes and your plans for getting yourself out of debt, 


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Dave will thoroughly assess your case, and contact you to discuss the details of your situation and make the best recommendation


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Once your situation will be assessed, you'll be assisted and guided as to how we can help you put your debts behind you once and for all

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