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Connecticut Debt Consolidation & Settlement Services

Learn about our Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement services and avoid bankruptcy, clear your loans and fix your bad credit today. We provide our services for those in New London County, Norwich, Waterford and the rest of the surrounding areas in Connecticut.

AV Preeminent Lawyer BBB Verified AVVO Rated Super Lawyer

We are an officially recognized Federal Debt Relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

AV Preeminent Lawyer BBB Verified AVVO Rated Super Lawyer
  • Consolidate & make a single monthly payments
  • Find quick relief from debt
  • End all actions by collectors
  • Halt any interest to creditors
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Repair and rebuild credit - start saving
  • Solutions that don't involve bankruptcy
  • Protecting your bank account
  • Protecting your wages from garnishment
  • Get legal representation in any lawsuits
  • Effective budget restructuring
  • Learn the secrets for real budgeting
  • Straightforward budget counselling
  • Increased cash flow
  • Gain control on your financial situation

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The Alternative To Bankruptcy

If you're ready to get out of debt through debt settlement, debt consolidation and repair your credit score, call Atty. Dave Falvey now at 860-449-1510 or simply use our contact page and Dave will promptly return your call.
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We Will Help You Reduce Or Consolidate Your Debt!

Over the past decade, thousands of New London Connecticut residents have had the experience of freedom from late night calls from debt collectors, overdue bills, and the stress associated with feeling over your head in debt payments.

Like them, you can make the same decision right now, for your family, their futures, and for your own peace of mind.

They’ve consolidated their debts, paid them off more easily and stopped the headaches of keeping track of individual loan repayments and the varying interest rates for each of them. You can too!

Whether because of illness, job loss, divorce or wages that simply won't help you get above water, many individuals like you, or families like yours in New London County Connecticut, find themselves in a burdensome financial bind. You’re not alone.

Stop the creditor phone calls, avoid impending lawsuits and put an end to wage garnishments.

If you're overwhelmed with unmanageable debt, Attorney Dave Falvey of Croton Connecticut is here to help you.

Consolidating Your Debts Helps You Pay Them Off Faster

Rather than letting your bills build up to a point where your balance is too high to pay off, you can choose to negotiate a settlement with your creditors.

If you're a Connecticut resident experiencing financial turmoil, now is the time that you take action before your financial security worsens.

There's nothing wrong with getting debt management help and assistance but there's no reason to keep getting yourself in debt - you're hear now - Consolidate Your Debts!

Attorney Dave Falvey Will Help You with Debt Consolidation Today

Take the first step. Contact me to get your questions about consolidating your debts answered by an experienced Lawyer with a deep understanding of the problems you’re facing.

There’s no use waiting. Contact Attorney Dave Falvey today and take the next step so you can begin the process of living debt free again.

If you’d like to schedule a free, no-obligation Connecticut debt consolidation consultation call 860-449-1510 or click the call button at the top of the page to contact Attorney Dave Falvey online.


Find Out About The Alternative To Bankruptcy

Attorney Dave Falvey of Connecticut is SuperLawyers Rated Attorney Dave Falvey is Lexis Nexis/Martindale Hubble Peer Review Rated Dave Falvey is certified as a bankruptcy lawyer with the American Board of Certification

Can Dave Falvey Help You Get Out of Debt?

Attorney Dave FalveyI'm Dave Falvey and I provide non-bankruptcy options like debt consolidation and settlement. I've helped people with bill problems eliminate their debt, repair their credit rating and show them how to make informed financial decisions.

I’m committed to offering the best debt management strategy available to help you get your finances back.

Many have been where you are today and are now completely satisfied that they put their trust in my debt consolidation services. And I'm happy to have helped them find a better way of getting out of debt.

I'm a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees and the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut.

In addition, I’m an American Board of Certification, Certified Attorney and a member of the National Organization of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees.


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Attorney Dave Falvey is Lexis Nexis/Martindale Hubble Peer Review Rated
United States District Court for the District of Connecticut Connecticut Judicial Branch American Board of Certification, Certified Attorney
The National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Avvo Rating
The National Organization of Chapter 13 Trustees