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Your Rights When Debt Collectors Violate Connecticut Debt Collection Laws

When it comes to debts, it’s important to fully know your rights as to whether the Connecticut collector contacting you is violating any debt collection laws. Creditors and collection agencies residing in Connecticut do have limits on what they can do to collect a debt. These limits are set forth in various federal and state laws. The collection […]

FDCPA, Businesses And Persons In Debt

The FDCPA applies to debt collectors who use interstate commerce, including the regular mail to collect debts. The federal law applies to the collection agency and not the original creditors. Creditors normally try to collect from the debtor first. If the creditor can’t reach satisfactory terms with the debtor, then the creditor will assign or […]

Can Businesses Benefit From Debt Consolidation?

Businesses are allowed to file for bankruptcy protection as well as individuals but many individuals get into problems because their business is failing and they’re liable for many of the business debts. Some businesses are just sole proprietorships, others are partnerships and still others are corporations. It’s wise to review your financial options with an attorney […]

IRS May Be Monitoring Debtor’s Social Media Accounts

Debt collectors have been using a simple information mining tool for years: Facebook. Photos and other posts on Facebook and other social media sites including Twitter and Instagram can reveal a great deal of information about your financial condition. But how? For instance, the simplest way of obtaining information is through photos. Photos can show […]

Who Owns My Mortgage? The Complicated Truth

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their monthly mortgage checks are not sent to the owner of the mortgage note. The company that receives your payments is likely the servicer of the loan, and not the legal note holder. This distinction is important when you need to modify or change the terms of your […]

Should I Try Debt Consolidation Over Bankruptcy? Good Question

If you’re in debt, it’s important to consider all your options from debt consolidation to bankruptcy and make a choice that works best for your situation. In today’s economy, the inability to pay your bills on time is often more the rule than the exception. For some it feels like a never-ending cycle where you […]

Watch A Round Panel Discussion About The Book “Is College Worth It?”

“Is College Worth It?” By William Bennett is an important book that about a former United States Secretary of Education and a Popular Liberal Arts graduate who expose the truths and broken promises of higher education in America. It was my opinion that this book is very instructive to anyone who reads it and I […]

Get To Know The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Are you in debt and being harassed by creditors? Creditor harassment comes in many forms. Perhaps the most annoying (and therefore a very effective) form of creditor harassment is persistent calls to your home or cell phone. Large creditors and collection agencies commonly use auto dialers to place telephone calls to debtors. Once the call is answered, […]

10 Simple Mistakes You Can Make When Deciding Between Debt Settlement Companies

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that choosing between different debt settlement companies can be a tricky task but it must be done and with care. So I decided to put this list together for you. It’s a checklist of simple mistakes people make all the time when choosing a company to help them settle their […]

How long does a bankruptcy take?

The chapter 7 bankruptcy petition takes 90 days, plus 10 days for the appeals period to expire for a total of 100 days until the discharge of your debts in granted by the court. The reason for the delay period is to give creditors the opportunity to object to your discharge under 11 USC, section […]


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