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Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay – Sample Letter

June 25, 2008

Client: American Express

RE: Hal Lees

Account: 372539571901005

Balance: $4,420.44

Reference: 70121409

Dear Sir/Madame:

Please be advised that this office in concurrence with our client, American Express, agrees to accept $1,768.17 in two payments towards the above referenced account. The first payment in the amount of $1,541.00 is to be received by this office on or before 11:00am Eastern time June 27, 2008. The second payment in the amount of $227.17 is to be received by 11:00am Eastern time July 28, 2008.

Upon clearance of said payments, as stated above, a letter will be provided to you stating said account has been “Settled”. To ensure proper delivery, please forward both payments in the form of Personal check via telephone.

If there should be any questions with respect to this matter, don’t hesitate to contact Ivan Aguilar at 888-647-5699 extension 7321.


Tina Erwin


Collection Department